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Grab-Bag for the weekend!

So hi guys, just going to throw something up real quick for the weekend! We’ve been extremely busy with videogames as usual, but even more than usual somehow, so here’s what I’ve been playing lately!

World of Warcraft Yep, still immersed in Pandaland, although these days I can at least drag myself away to play other games for a bit. It’s amazing how great this expac is though, one of Blizzard’s finest hours since the WC2/SC/D2 era. And I want a big strong Klaxxi to chirrup gently while I play with his antennae.

The Walking Dead I know I said there’d be a proper post on this, and I still intend to do that but I am astonishingly lazy so that post is not this post! Still, it’s a genuinely brilliant adventure game set in The Walking Dead world which doesn’t shy away from the sort of grim stuff in the comics and TV show, and it has a whole bunch of well-written and interesting characters, some of who you get really attached to. And then they die.

Liberal Crime Squad This was a game Toady One made before he became obsessed with Dwarf Fortress and, like that game, this is a pretty spergy and incredibly addictive devourer of time. It is a (very) satirical game based on American politics where, as the titular LCS, you set out to demonstrate to the country why the Arch-Conservative trend sweeping the country is a bad idea and to instead institute Elite Liberal laws. The big draw is the sheer variety of ways to achieve this. Break into a Corporate HQ and steal evidence of misdeeds, hack into government websites and deface them, seduce Judges so they act in your favor, go out into the street and protest, the list goes on and on.

Sweet Baby Jesus this kid is hot

Assassin’s Creed III This long-awaited continuation of the AC series is proving to be pretty much everything Pike and myself hoped it would be. It’s an expansion of pretty much everything the previous games had, just as II built on the original massively. It’s also a game in no real hurry; you don’t even get control of Connor until several hours in (But that’s okay because the guy you are instead, Haythem Kenway, is a superbly debonair gentleman) and the game isn’t afraid of throwing some considerable soliloquies at you. The best of which has to be Ben Franklin’s musing on his Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress and why cougars are totally great.

Also there’s some sprinklings of FTL and Project Zomboid in there!

What have you readers been playing lately, and are planning on playing this weekend? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

This Weekend: Dancing CMC Edition

My new job likes to give me at least one (and sometimes two!) weekend days off so now I get to participate in these posts.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend: Loads and loads of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  Yes, the one from way back when.  I bought it on Steam sale and now I just can’t stop playing it.  I love how all these years later it’s still a great game.

Once I finish it I think it’s on to more RPGs, like Morrowind and New Vegas.  I’ve been on this random RPG kick lately, which I’m okay with.

What will you be playing this weekend?

Merry Christmas Weekend!

We might not see some of you again until after the holidays, so if that’s the case, do have a Merry Christmas or a Happy-Whatever-You-Celebrate!

For some people this weekend will entail good food, good friends, and good times spent with family, but for others this weekend means something much more important: video games, of course! If you fall into that category, what do you plan on playing this weekend?

Myself, well– I’ve still been on a Paradox kick and I’m playing all sorts of EU3 and the Kaiserreich mod for Darkest Hour, but unfortunately my computer is giving me fits and making it difficult to continue with this course of action, so I’m thinking I’ll settle down with some console games. I’ve got a lot of Skyrim to play, and I’ve also fallen woefully behind on my quest to play all the Final Fantasies, so I’ve really got to catch back up with that. Especially because I’ve already got a new quest planned, and that is to play every single game I have on Steam. Seeing as I have about 160 of them and I keep adding more (Curse you Gaben and your sales!), that’s going to be even more exciting than playing the dozen or so FF games that I’ve got.

My face, should I win Steam's newest giveaway and suddenly own every single game on Steam.

How about you guys?

Alternate history is funny

I’ve had a tremendously poor Internet quality these last couple of weeks and it just kept getting worse – it took me several minutes to check my email for example – but fortunately it is fixed now so we can get back to our regular scheduling! Many thanks also to Rilgon for his excellent post yesterday, giving us a little look into a genre that Pike and myself don’t pay quite enough attention to (Largely because the genre will never equal what Treasure made in my eyes).

Now, on to something very important: GoG.com is selling SMAC for three US Dollars. You have no excuse.

I shall tell you about my recent escapades!

I have recently finished a World Conquest in the KR mod for Darkest Hour, playing as an enlightened, democratic Japan. That flung dozens of nukes around and killed tens if not hundreds of millions in her global conquest. Enlightened!

And now Pike and myself have settled down for a wonderful evening of Civilization IV, where we face the famous Confucian Egyptians, among others!

Tell us, dear readers, both what you will be playing this weekend and of your favorite alternate history situations in videogames, either as settings or ones you have yourself created!

This Weekend – Christmaspunk Fluttershy Edition!

I don’t really have a lot to report today– a particularly interesting round of Europa Universalis 3 has been eating up most of my free time– so I’m here to make one of the posts that our dear Mister Adequate usually makes around these parts and ask: what will you be playing this weekend?

As for myself, well– the Paradox bug has bit me nice and deep and I keep having to scratch the resulting itch, so I’m guessing there will continue to be a lot of EU3 and possibly some Darkest Hour as well. I’m also still slowly but surely working on Final Fantasy 2– although I keep getting sidelined from it by delicious strategy games– and there are a couple of indie games I’ve been having fun messing with, as well (The Binding of Isaac and Aquaria, in this case.)

Speaking of indie games, I’d also like to bring your attention to a new indie-bundle-type site that has popped up, called The Indie Gala. I’ve refrained from buying the package there yet– although I’m a sucker for cheap games so that may change quickly once my latest paycheck is direct deposited– but I figured I’d get the word out!

What are you guys doing this weekend?

Inundated/This Weekend

Thanks in no small part to the beneficence of Gaben, I’m currently drowning under a cavalcade of games. I’ve finished Saints Row The Third, and by finished I mean done one ending without getting close to 100% so I’ve not finished it at all (Hypershort review: Exceptional game filled with awesomeness and hilarity but what happened to the great cutscenes you did in SR2 this is a disjointed mess Volition?), there’s Skyrim, which is just stupidly huge, and now I’ve gone and picked up Star Ruler, Space Empires IV, and Portal 2, and I’m hungrily eying the new Legends expansion for Distant Worlds.

And this isn’t even counting the games I’ve not got around to yet, such as twenty years of classics that GoG insist on foisting upon me, or Arkham City for example, NOR does it count the games I have but that I’ve not yet managed to give sufficient time to like Jagged Alliance 2 or Master of Orion 2, or SMAC, though the latter is here mostly because it is literally not possible to give enough time to SMAC. I’ve still not finished Human Revolution.

Plus of course there’s all the regular stuff I play that demands time and attention; Darkest Hour, SMAC, SimCity 4, GalCiv 2, Baldur’s Gate, EU3, Vicky 2, Dorf Fort, Open TTD, Project Zomboid, the list goes on and on! Thank Talos that I’ve shaken the WoW bug for the time being.

Ouch, my wallet

Busy weekend! What about you all, do you ever get overwhelmed by all the games that need to be played? How do you deal with it? What are you playing this Thanksgiving weekend?

Finally I am taking altogether too much enjoyment in watching Notch act like a petulant child. I’m not even a fan of the Yogscast, it’s not my thing, but dang if one side in this debacle isn’t being a lot classier than the other. Which is double amusing because the classy side is a couple of lads who mess around doing silly voices and getting into vidya hi-jinx on YouTube whilst the one being an entitled imbecile has a multi-million Euro business!

This weekend!

Hello folks if you’re wondering where we are, well, there’s a lot of videogame to be played! Not a large number, but the ones which are there are HUGE!

First up is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which I wrote about last Friday! It’s still awesome. I’m still barely anywhere in it because there is just so much to do. I’m not sure it is possible to finish Skyrim, you just sort of reach a point where you feel that it’s enough.

Forget Tigh, Ivanova's in the game too!

Second is, of course, Saints Row The Third, which is both completely demented and completely AWESOME! I paradropped out of a helicopter into a penthouse and killed everyone until I owned the place then a helicopter chase across the city ensued and oh man you guys seriously need to play this game. Then I stole a street cleaner and pimped it right out so it reps the Row. I’m actually a little lost in this as well because it’s just SO HUGE and there is SO MUCH to do.

Also the Specialists are serious business holy crap that Deckers shock hammer is amazing.

And then there's these assholes!

What about you guys? What are y’all playing this weekend?

There Is Something Big And Important Happening This Weekend!

…a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

In which Twilight puts on her robe and wizard hat.

What’s that? There’s something video game related going on, as well? You know what, YOU’RE RIGHT! All the Grand Theft Auto games are on a massive sale on Steam and Gamersgate!

…what? Blizzard? What about a blizzard? I mean I know we’ve got snow in the forecast here in Montana, but that’s because it’s, you know, Montana.

…OH! Right. BlizzCon. That thing. Well, we all know that there’s a new WoW expansion coming up, so expect some commentary on that next week. Neither myself nor Mister Adequate is a huge WoW junkie at this point, but we both have fond memories of the game and I’m sure we’ll come up with something to say. As for me, I’m going to continue playing Final Fantasy I. I think I’m over halfway done at this point. What are you guys doing this weekend?

This weekend!

Okay kids, it’s that time again, when I categorically fail to come up with a post topic and so resort to something pretty mundane! What are YOU going to be playing this weekend?

Dead Island

I only use violence as a last resort

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'd explain what these do for me, but then the blog would need the new .xxx TLD


You will NEVER kill this many Elves.

Suikoden V

In a game filled with waifus, she still stands out.


Tomorrow is the premiere of Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. So… yeah, if you thought the blog overdid it on Pony pics before now…

... then you may want to bail, because it's only going to get worse.

So what about you, dear readers? What entertainments shall be occupying your precious free time this weekend?

Gimme that old time fun

So recently, I’ve been playing through Breath of Fire III again. It’s not the best game ever made, it might not even be the best BoF (II is pretty damned great after all), but it really is simply, good old-fashioned fun that just emanates nostalgia from every orifice. I’m just going to copy-paste what Pike said in her SMRPG post:

a relic of a different time: a time when RPGs weren’t about who has the fanciest cutscenes or who has the most photorealistic hair or who has the most immersive fantasy world. Rather, they were about traveling from weird town to even weirder town, beating up random enemies for gear, and saving the world. No nonsense. Just beating the big bad guy at the end with all of the epic loot that you had to cross the universe to find.

It sums it up pretty well. One of my party members is an ambulatory onion mutant thing.

He's also the toughest sumbitch in the game

It’s all around just a solid, fun game that knows what it is, doesn’t try to hide it, but sometimes throws something subversive in that makes you stop and think “Wait a second…”. Like when you come across the disabled guy who has been placed in a chair by a window, the sun streaming in. He just mumbles, but if you talk to another person in the room you learn that he was injured in an attack by a dragon years earlier. That is to say, he was one of the first people in the game you fought, and he was just a guy doing his job, mining to make his living. Every so often it’ll hit you with something like that, something brutal or just a bit cruel, never hammering it into you too hard, just letting you think about it.

And it has some great music.

Are you guys playing anything a bit older this weekend? Maybe battening down the hatches and riding out Irene with an old favorite? Do tell!