Guess Who’s Coming Back?

Is it us? It might be us.

Firstly, if you happen to follow us via twitter or an RSS feed, you’ve probably noticed that the blog’s name has changed. It’s true!

The Android’s Closet is now Every Video Games.

Primarily so we are no longer mistaken for a blog about smartphone apps.  Our robot mascot is staying, although he, too, got a fancy new revamp.  And we still do like robots and androids and other mechanical things.  We also like elves, because we are trash.

But anyways, enough about that!

We have a plan.

Sort of.  Pike wants to play every single game on her Steam list.  Of which there are over 400, last she checked.  And she figured she may as well blog about it.  Because who knows, some people may want to read about it.

As for Mister Adequate, well, believe me, he has PLENTY to talk about as well.  Between the two of us, we hope to provide a decent amount of quality (or not-so-quality) posts for a little while to come.

So buckle up and get ready for a future filled with EVERY VIDEO GAMES.  Terrible grammar intended.