That Feel When No Games

So it’s been a little while since my last post. I do apologize, but work suddenly decided to throw hours at me. Good for my paycheck, bad for my video game playing time. I don’t know about you guys, but when I haven’t played games for a while I get really, really antsy. Not that there aren’t lovely non-game forms of entertainment out there (books, movies, TV shows etc.), but… but… GAMES!

I image  searched "VIDEO GAMES" in all caps and got this.  It works.
I image searched “VIDEO GAMES” in all caps and got this. It works.

On days when I am too busy to sit down and play games I have resorted to things like playing Angry Birds whilst on the toilet. (Speaking of which, Angry Birds is horribly underrated by “serious gamers”. Bigger post on this later, maybe.)

What do YOU do when you’re too busy for games? Do you tough it out? Do you MAKE TIME?

One thought on “That Feel When No Games”

  1. I usually slog it out, just waiting until things improve, like a cactus sits and waits for the rain, living off the stored will to play video games like a desert plant lives of stored water from the last monsoon.

    Does wonders for my rested bonus when I get back to WoW though XD

    I have started to dabble in a few Android games, do NOT under any circumstances buy the game “Out There”. It’s a space survival game, and it will troll you so hard with rescource shortages just when you think it’s going along well. Unless you enjoy being trolled by the resource shortages in survival games. Then by all means, it’s worth it.

    And yet I’m still playing it…

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