Streets of Rage Remake

Something I think should be spread around as far and wide as possible.

Is it just me or does that one dude with the bandana standing in front of Max look like Diego from Vandal Hearts?

The long-running Streets of Rage Remake project has reached v5.0, the final release. It is basically a massive amalgamation of everything SoR, which for my money was one of the best game series back on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

I was messing around with it some yesterday and it is very good. It remains faithful whilst making a ton of additions and refinements. As far as I’ve heard SEGA are cool with this, which is very admirable of them. Too many companies these days are too ready to step on fan projects.

Get it here!

It’s an admirable effort, and quite remarkable in scope. I’m a big fan of fan projects, be they things like this, mods, whatever. I think they’re great for the players, and they’re also a great way for the people involved to get experience of working in a team to put something out. So if you liked Streets of Rage back in the day, or if you’ve never played it at all, go and give it a looksee!

EDIT: Apparently, SEGA and Bombergames have had some kind of disagreement over this after all. The download has been pulled from the official site.